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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Classic Cars, Route 66, M'Lord's Chambers

So...23 years ago, we set out to open a bed and breakfast.  A frilly, girly, antique, historical, B&B.  But in Oklahoma, where B&B was a fairly new word, we felt we needed to have a room that spoke to the guys!  We were told by the Ziemer family that original kitchen had been Grandson, John's gun room in the 70's.  Thus the 1908 kitchen became M'Lord's Chambers.  Over the years it has adapted, bigger bed, jacuzzi, fireplace, balcony, take down the deer head, etc. 

And you know what?  The women love it!  I'm reminded of when a best friend told me as a newlywed that couples' bedrooms or master bedrooms as we call them now, are always feminine because women decorate them to their tastes.  So I have always tried to decorate our master bedroom in a more traditional non-feminine decor.  Perhaps that is what we, the ladies, like about M'Lord's Chambers.  Maybe we like spending the night with him in "his" room. 

In our travels, I came across some beautiful photos of classic cars.  Inspiration struck.  A man's car is very sexy.  So slowly and meticulously we are adding some classic car touches to M'Lord's Chambers.  We can't forget that M'Lord's Chambers looks right out over the Mother Road, Route 66.  Classic cars and Route 66 go hand and hand. 

It's all about keeping the Romance Alive so Get your kicks on Route 66 in M'Lord's Chambers. 

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